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Nonsurgical Back Pain Treatment in Singapore:

 Due to our sedentary lifestyle, most of the people have experienced back pain these days. You may feel a strain after gazing into the computer or staring down at your smartphones continuously. Thus, it may cause pain in your back and lower body parts. Are you worrying about treatment? Don’t worry, we have a solution for this too.  Doctor’s for Back pain treatment Singapore offer variety of services for the back pain patients.

Back Pain Treatment Singapore
Back Pain Treatment Singapore
Back pain starts over the night. A stiff back pain is the result of the muscle weakening due to poor posture or misuse of it.  Looking at  the your computers continuously throughout the day, makes your muscles and joint to exhaust and become over stretched. Similarly, long driving and hard work have the same effect on your back. If it is your daily routine, then , it can displace your joint pain. According to doctors, back pain may be stimulated by the degenerative disc disease, due to poor posture, deteriorating muscle strength,  lift heavy weight, related to age and sometime  due to prior injury, etc.  Back pain becomes chronic if it lasts three months or more than it.Surgery can be a good option for the chronic back pain, if there is a known caused for it and if other treatment didn’t help. But always get suggestions from  two or more physicians. In this blog, we will discuss some non-surgical back pain treatments. These are:
Back Pain
Back Pain

   1 Physical Therapy: Exercise is the best treatment for the back pain. It is an initial treatment that you can try under the guidance of your physicians  and spine physical therapist. It is also true that same set of exercises are not suitable for every type of  back pain. Exercise can be changed according to your need and symptoms.

      It may includes:
·          Retentive your posture
·          Testing your tolerance limits
·          Flexibility and stretching exercises
·          Core Strengthening
·          Aerobic exercises

 2      Meditation and Relaxation: Back  pain is straining for emotionally and physically both. To handle  tension, stress, frustration and other mental aspects of dealing with chronic pain, you may consult  with a rehabilitation psychologist for meditation, tai chi, yoga and other relaxation methods whichkeep your mind relaxed and healthy.

Back Pain Specialist Singapore

3    Diet: Some diets are not good for heath which consists of trans fat, refined sugars and processed food. Always consult your doctor to confirm, whether your diet is  responsible for your back pain and how could you change it. Maintaining a healthy diet  can help to reduce your back pain by eliminating pressure on your spine.

4.    Injection based treatments:There are various types of the treatments available for the severe back pain such as nerve ablations, Nerve blocks, epidural steroid injections, and other types of injection-based procedures.

5. Alternative Treatments: Massage, Acupuncture, laser therapy, biofeedback therapy, electrical nerve stimulation and other nonsurgical spine treatments helpful to eliminate this pain.  It is advised that you should talk to your spine specialist about substitute treatments that could help you.

6.  Pharmacological Treatments: Anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, Analgesics and other medications can be used to control chronic back pain. Most of these treatments come with unwanted side effects  and are not  good for long use.
In the nutshell, we can say that back pain  should not be avoided.  If you are not getting relief from home remedies, must consult  some physicians. 

Back pain Specialist:

If you are in Singapore and  suffering from severe back pain, you can consult  Dr. Travis Fisher, at the Genesis, Back pain Specialist in Singapore.

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